About Ellerman Roofing

Ellerman Roofing owner Dennis Ellerman with one of his pet llamas.

Dennis Ellerman, owner
of Ellerman Roofing, with
one of his pet llamas Blackberry.

I am Dennis Ellerman and I am a roofing contractor serving southern Indiana including Bloomington, Monroe County, and parts of Owen County and Lawrence County. I own and operate Ellerman Roofing in Bloomington, Indiana.

My Uncle Tommie Ellerman started his roofing business in 1957 in St. Paul, Indiana. One of my first jobs in high school was to stock the hot kettle. Ellerman Roofing later transitioned to rubber roof technology and heat welded membrane roof systems, which provide white, cooler roofs as a green option.

In addition to flat roofs, we install shingle roofs for residential and commercial needs. The IU Foundation selected Ellerman Roofing to reroof the historic Gables building on Indiana Avenue in Bloomington, a roof that is a combination of both membrane and shingles.

I came to Bloomington, Indiana, in 1975 to attend Indiana University, where I earned a Bachelor's Degree in telecommunications. I am a long-time resident of this area, and if you meet me, you will discover that I love opera, IU sports, especially men's and women's basketball and baseball, and the Cincinnati Reds. I live in Owen County, where I spend my spare time caring for rescued llamas and goats.